djelevatedpoet asked:
Hi, I love your blog and paintings. Who/what inspires your creative process? What is it about painting that makes it such a craft? Peace and blessings :)


Thank you so much for your support :) I’m so glad you like my paintings.

Well.. to answer that question ,as cliche as this sounds, I get my inspirations from my own experience. I like to find beauty in things that are not usually considered beautiful, and share my visions with others.

Minter and Wangechi Mutu are my two favorite artists for now. Go check them out. Their paintings are amazing.

Xoxo jrhyu

Fresh (2014)  | Jeannie Rhyu |  Oil paint on Canvas |  32 ”x 16”
In memory of my first year in college. 
Jelly Glow (2014) | Jeannie Rhyu | Gouache, Watercolor on paper | 36” x 36”

Repeat After Me  (2014)  | Jeannie Rhyu |  Video  |  Size Variable


It (2012) | Video /Sculpture | Size Variable

Past = Present = Future (2014) | Jeannie Rhyu | Video | Size Variable 
“The past is also the present and that yesterday was at one time tomorrow.” 
 -Beatrice Lebreton-
This is a snapshot of a film that I created for the Bridging Boundaries African Diaspora Expo. 
Green Paradise (2013) |Jeannie Rhyu | Oil paint on canvas | 36” x 36”
Room (2012) | Jeannie Rhyu | Gouache, Watercolor, colored pencil on paper | 43” x 30 ”
   It (2012) | Video /Sculpture | Size Variable
I fear dark washrooms at night, scaring myself with empty drains dipped in darkness. I decided to share my fear by materializing it into a film. I first built a miniature stage that resembles my washroom, and created the imaginary creature with a hairball. Then I manipulated the light setting and added the audio to enhance the eerie atmosphere.